Italy To France: “In Libya, The Leadership Is Ours.”

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

“In Libya, the leadership is ours.” The Italian Defense Minister Elisabetta Trenta told her French counterpart Florence Parly in a phone call between the two on Friday, according to Huffington Post Italy.

Trenta’s bold message reveals part of the tensions and competition between Rome and Paris over Libya and the issue of migrants, as the call comes on the day of the EU Summit, where the European Union leaders meet to seek solutions to the issue.

Last week, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini flew to Libya to present his controversial proposal to the issue of migrants. He wants EU to set up migrant centers south of Libya. However, several human rights groups, including French ones, criticize Salvini’s proposal.

Moreover, the Tripoli-based government, which does not control the whole of Libya, does not welcome the migrant centers idea as well. The Libyan Presidential Council (PC) relies on local militias to control parts of the west, while major parts of the north-African country are under the Libyan National Army (LNA) of the internationally recognized House of Representatives.


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