Valuable Artifacts Restored After Derna Battle

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

Internal Security Service and LNA units conducted a qualitative operation today to restore valuable artifacts that were hidden in the basement of a Derna house during the battles of Derna last June.

The extracting operation was carried out in the presence of the house owner Yunus al-Kawash, who is also the head of Derna Ruins Department. During the clashes, al-Kawash has transferred all historical pieces and precious stones to his house and stored them in the basement, so they are not stolen by extremists during their control of the city.

However, in the last days of the battle, there was an intense fire in the area and al-Kawash and his family had to evacuate the area on June 12. Since that time, the house and the whole area became under the control of LNA 165th Battalion led by Captain Ayoub Dhuqa.

In the Extracting operation today, Captain Dhuqa, al-Kawash, and the Internal Security Service entered the house and all the artifacts were brought to the Shehat Ruins Department. They were received in the presence of the Municipal Council of Shehat and other activists from the city.

Derna, which has been under extremist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda since 2011, was liberated last week by the Libyan National Army (LNA) under the internationally recognized House of Representatives.





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