Tripoli-based GECOL announces deficit in its network and explains reasons

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

According to the Tripoli-based General Electricity Company of Libya – GECOL, as a result of high temperatures and the stoppage of the first unit in Ruwais station for maintenance which has a capacity of 120 megawatts; in addition to the stoppage of Al-Khums station which used to run with full capacity of 500 megawatts, resulting in a deficit in the amount of supply for electricity. Leaving GECOL with no choice but to resort to an electrical load-shedding program, to maintain the safety and stability of the network

The Tripoli-based GECOL calls on all citizens and public and private entities to contribute to rationalizing the consumption of electricity and to deal in a civilized and rational manner with this blessing, which is no less important than the grace of water.


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