Bushnaf Visits Derna To Assess Its Security Needs

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Interior Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, chancellor Ibrahim Bushnaf made an inspection trip to the city of Derna on Monday in order to review the situation in the city and assess the damage resulted from the war against the terrorist groups that used to control the city.

Bushnaf held an expanded meeting with the security officials in the ministry and the Derna Security Administration, which is temporally based in the College of Medicine of Derna Omar Mukhtar University. He also reviewed the implementation of the Security Plan by joint security bodies after taking the responsibility to secure the city from the LNA units.

Bushnaf urged the security staff to demonstrate and maintain security in the city as well as preventing any violations of the law that may occur in the future. He asserted the importance of enforcing the laws in Derna.

The Interior Minister also expressed the position of Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thani about the contracting for the maintenance and establishment of all the police stations and security administrations damaged within the city of Derna after being destroyed by terrorist groups.

He also pointed out that the ministry will start by contracting to implement about 22 projects to restore the infrastructure of the ministry buildings within the city.