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NOC of HoR: Militias Associated With GNA Involved In The Looting Of State Funds

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Libyan National Oil Corporation under the House of Representatives issued a statement today on the latest developments in the Oil Crescent region.

The NOC of HoR statement said “it is our responsibility to protect the resources of the Libyan people and to stop their depletion and waste by irresponsible parties under the control of militias and armed groups. This is especially after revealing information about the size of the systematic corruption and looting of the country’s wealth which reached an unprecedented level. All of that cannot be overlooked, as reported by the Panel of Experts of the Security Council as well as the annual report of the Audit Bureau in Tripoli.

Armed militias associated with the unconstitutional Presidential Council were reported to have been involved in the systematic looting of state funds through the use of fuel smuggling, documentary credits, withdrawal cards, trade in subsidized products, extrabudgetary expenditures, human trafficking and arms smuggling as conduits for misappropriation of public funds.

Our aim is to prevent repeating the attacks on the oil ports by an alliance of criminal and terrorist militias. It has proved beyond any doubt that the Defense Ministry of the unconstitutional Presidential Council has been involved in the attacks that resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives of civilians, security personnel, and oil workers.

And in order to ensure the safety of oil installations and provide all the basic needs and not to load the National Oil Corporation any additional burdens unjustified for political gains and to satisfy external parties, especially in light of the bad situation suffered by the fields and ports of oil companies and the deteriorating situation for workers in all fields and ports of oil,

And considering the increasing suffering suffered by the Libyan citizens as a result of these irrational policies, which exacerbated the deterioration of the humanitarian situation and deepened the effects of the economic crisis in the country,

The National Oil Corporation and in response to the demands of the Libyan people and the decisions of the legitimate authority in the country, “the House of Representatives” confirms the following:

First, we affirm that we are not motivated by regionalism or influenced by any political alignment, but our motive is to protect the interests of the Libyan people as a whole and ensure the equitable distribution of its wealth and the Libyan society’s enjoyment of the welfare it deserves.

Second, we stress our keenness to maintain Libya’s legal obligations towards companies and countries with which we have joint contracts and interests. However, we will not allow the current situation, which causes the squandering of the Libyan people’s funds, to continue in a conspiracy involving local and international parties at the expense of Libyan suffering and misery. Our dictions are in line with the demands of Libyan people if it is necessary to stop the export of oil completely.

Thirdly, we call on the United Nations and the international community to work with all parties to reach rational and practical solutions that will allow the flow of oil exports to continue and at the same time ensure that their revenues are distributed in a fair and equal manner, thus enhancing the well-being, safety and stability of Libya and refraining from biased positions that do not serve the interests of the people, instead of complicating the possibility of reaching a political solution to the crisis, especially after international and domestic reports of widespread corruption and a complete absence of good governance in the institutions of the state under the authority of the Presidential Council.

The Benghazi-based NOC Statement




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