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Tripoli-based Central Bank of Libya Under The Influence of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Previous records of the Internal Security Agency in Tripoli revealed the date of the affiliation of Fathi Yacoub, the Libyan Central Bank’s Tripoli adviser to Islamic banking and the secretary of the Board of Directors of CBL, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yacoub appeared today in a press conference of the administrations of the Tripoli-based Central Bank of Libya in response to the report of the Audit Bureau in Tripoli for the year 2017, which caused the CBL of corruption.

A summary of the activities carried out by Yacoub and (AKA Abu Zayd by former members of the organization) revealed that he was an active member in the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is also one of the members of the Islamic Gathering Organization – IGO. He is considered to be the link between the members of the organization in Libya and Egypt. Yacoub is wanted for arrest by the People’s Prosecution in the year of 2000.

Records also revealed that Yacoub was active in holding meetings of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was based in the Egyptian capital Cairo when he used to live there in the 1990s.



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