Chancellor Saleh Responds To Statements by Italian Defense Minister

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The president of the House of Representatives chancellor Aguila Saleh Issa expressed his condemnation of the statements regarding Libya, made by the Italian Minister of Defence, stressing that he will not allow interference in Libyan sovereignty.

Media Advisor to the Presidency of the House of Representatives Fathi al- Marimi said in a television statement “The Italian Ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Peroni confirmed an official letter to the President of the House, that what has been published recently in the media is not related to the truth, pointing out that what is rumoured is a wrong translation of the statements of the Minister of Defence.

Al- Marimi stressed that Peroni had contacted the Italian government and the Ministry of Defense, confirming that these statements were forged, confirming his country’s support for the stability of Libya and the holding of elections.

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