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Initiative To Resolve Oil Ports Crisis By Cyrenaica HoR MPs

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

An initiative focused on four basic items to resolve the crisis of the closure of Libya’s oil ports was presented today by a number of Cyrenaica region members of the House of Representatives.

The initiative called on the National Oil Corporation of the Interim Government to hand over the Oil Crescent region to a unified national oil corporation with a new board of directors, which should operate from the headquarters of the institution in Benghazi. The Tripoli-based NOC should continue operating from Tripoli as a branch of the Benghazi HQ.

The HoR MPs, in a joint statement, asserted on respecting the decisions of the House of Representatives and the appointments it did, especially the Central Bank Governor, demanding a new national unity government to gain confidence from the House of Representatives.

The initiative also pointed out the need to agree on sovereign positions as one package, and also include the boards of directors of investment, development and oil institutions.



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