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Sanalla Calls for Transferring Control Of Closed Oil Ports To Tripoli-based NOC

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Mustafa Sanalla, chairman of the Tripoli-based National Oil Corp., called for neutralizing Libya oil resources from all political conflicts, pointing out, video statement posted on the company’s Facebook page and addressed to the General Command Libyan National Army (LNA), to show “the same magnanimity” that was shown during fighting to attacks of Ibrahim Jadhran militias.

“The bravery of the army will be highly appreciated, and we’ll be grateful,” he said.

Sanalla said he understood the feeling of LNA General Commander Khalifa Haftar and his “frustration” over the failure to deal with oil revenues in the best way possible.

“I am frustrated like him and all the honorable patriots in Libya as well, but this does not mean that we express our frustration by stopping oil production,” he said.

“We share the fact that the situation is incorrect for not utilizing the national wealth in the best manner. We are not satisfied with the extravagance in spending and drainage without building schools or hospitals or repairing roads,” Sanalla added.

He pointed out the decline of oil production in Libya that reached to 50000/bpd in light of rising global oil prices, mentioning that there is a possibility of further discussions about the issue with the government, the Central Bank of Libya, the House of Representatives, and the State Council.

“My message to the army leadership is that handing over the Oil Ports to us means that you have done a courageous job because everyone is losing in this battle and not winning it. I demanded in the past and demand now for fair distribution of Libya’s wealth and transparency about how the oil revenues are distributed without employing this politically.” Sanalla said.


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