After The Terrorist Attack, Al-Thani Discusses With Tazirbu MP Resuming Works In GMMR Project

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ALBAYDA – Interim Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani on Sunday discussed with a member of the House of Representatives of Tazirbu town, Mohammad Duma the repercussions of the terrorist attack that targeted the site of the Great Man-Made River project in the town.

The meeting, according to the Interim Government Information Office, discussed the security situation in Tazirbu, where al-Thani urged the town reps about the need to resume work in the GMMR project as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister also decided to hold an extended meeting with the Minister of Interior Ibrahim Bushnaf, in the presence of the Tazirbu HoR representative and the President of the General Company for Water and Sanitation to discuss the situation in Tazirbu and how to facilitate govt project in the oasis town, as well as how work locations can be effectively guarded.


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