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Cyrenaica HoR MPs: Handing Back Oil Ports Is An Opportunity For Tripoli Politicians To Resolve The Postponed Crisis Of Unjust Revenues Distribution

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – Representatives of Cyrenaica in the Libyan Parliament said they welcome handing back the oil ports by the Libyan National Army (LNA)

“We welcome the resumption of oil production in accordance with the contracts concluded with foreign companies and in accordance with the commitments of the National Oil Corporation announced since the first day of the crisis.” Cyrenaica HoR MPs said.

The MPs said, in a press release today, that the oil sales contracts expire periodically in October each year, and the LNA decision to hand back oil port the Tripoli-based NOC preserves the national economy on the one hand and gives an opportunity to Tripoli rulers to address the fair demands of the Cyrenaica region. “Just distribution of oil revenues contributes to the unification of the divided Libyan institutions, and the formation of a government of national unity.” Cyrenaica HoR MPs added.

The Cyrenaica HoR MPs pointed out that this decision represents a real opportunity for national forces and political elites and officials Tripolitania region to resolve the crisis postponed until the expiry date of the oil sale contract in Octobers.


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