GNA Agrees With Italy To “Strengthen Libyan Coastal Security”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Abdullah Toumi, The Tripoli-based Coast Guard Chief, met yesterday with “the Commander of the Italian Water Guard, General Monti”, during a visit by Monti to the Libyan Coast Guard.

During the meeting, the Italian and Libya counterparts reached an agreement that contributes to “strengthening the Libyan Coast Guard,” according to a press release by the LCG media office.

The agreement includes the maintenance of the boats of the LCG second group by an Italian technical team, which arrived yesterday at Tripoli Maritime Base, in accordance with the schedules prepared for that purpose. It also includes “complete maintenance workshops” that will be constructed at the Tripoli Sea Base, LCG media office said.

Italy will also train 28 Libyan officers, sergeants, and soldiers for receiving (2) boats agreed to be delivered during the month of October, as well as the training of (40) personnel as operators. Italy will also deliver (10) rubber boats in the same month, the LCG media office added.


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