The Death Of The Son Of The Symbol Of The Libyan Resistance Against The Italian Occupation

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – Hajj Mohamed Omar Mukhtar, aged 97, died Thursday afternoon in Benghazi. He is the elder son of the martyr Sheikh Omar Mukhtar, who was the leader of the native resistance in Eastern Libya – Cyrenaica under the Senussis, against the Italian colonization of Libya. Omar was also a prominent figure of the Senussi movement, and he is considered the national hero of Libya and a symbol of resistance in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Mohamed Mukhtar was born in Libya and spent his childhood in Egypt and returned to Libya after the death of his mother Wanisa Jilani in Egypt and the martyrdom of his father in Libya.

Local sources said that Hajj Mukhtar died at his home in al-Hadaeq area in the city of Benghazi. He had suffered several health problems and receiving treatment both inside and outside the country, most recently a three-month treatment trip in the UAE.

Mohamed Omar Mukhtar was born in 1921 in Al-Awailiya town, near Almarj city in Cyrenaica of Libya, and lived with his mother, Wanisa Jilani and some of his relatives.

Mohammed Mukhtar married twice, the first of his cousin, Azza al-Fayoumi in 1942, who passed out before his second marriage in 1964. His second wife was Fatima Ghariani. They had children, but they all died young. Mohammed Mukhtar was the last son of the Mukhtars, after the death of his brother and all his relatives.


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