A Marine Survey To Be Conducted In The Waters Between Libya, Crete, Malta, And Tunisia

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

A survey was launched today to the waters between Libya, Crete, Malta, and Tunisia. The Libya participation in the survey will be represented by the General Authority for the Environment of the Omar Al-Mukhtar University. The survey will continue for one month.

The survey aims at recording the types and numbers of cetaceans, species and numbers of birds in the region, as part of the survey of the conservation of cetaceans in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the region nearby, by the General Authority for the Environment said.
“Agreement between the said counties consider small cetaceans in the Mediterranean region as an integral part of the marine ecosystem, which should be preserved for present and future generations,” GAE added.

This survey is carried out in coordination with the Libya General Authority for the Environment and the Regional Activity Center for Specially Protected Areas SPA/RAC. It will also be carried out in cooperation with all the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea at the same time.



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