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BREAKING: The Release Of Two Of The Four Kidnapped Workers In The Sharara Oil Field

The Address | Libya

Two of the four employees kidnapped in the Libyan Sharara Oil Field were released, while the whereabouts of the other two remain unknown.” The National Oil Corporation said.

NOC said, in a statement issued earlier that its embers of the Board of Directors are “closely monitoring developments” with the management of the company of AKAKUS Oil Operations running the field.

“I have instructed the head of the company and the general manager of the operations to be present at the site,” the company said, adding that it was “in contact with the related authorities at the moment to solve this problem and ensure the safety of employees.”

On Saturday morning, unknown gunmen kidnapped four employees working at Station 186 in the Sharara Oil Field, where they stormed the station with four cars and kidnapped three Libyans and a Romanian national. So far, no information has been received about the kidnappers’ identity or the reason for the kidnapping.


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