Photos: 8 Illegal Migrants Suffocated Inside Meat Truck In Zuwara

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ZUWARA – Eight illegal immigrants, including six children and a woman, were killed on Monday as they were suffocated inside a truck transporting fish and meat, the Zuwara Security Director said.

After receiving information in the early hours of Monday about a suspicious large truck east of the town of Zuwara next to the Mlita Gas Complex, a security division of the Directorate followed this truck and managed to catch it, according to the Security Directorate.

“When we opened the truck, we found about 100 illegal immigrants who were suffocated by the presence of gasoline gallons inside the closed truck, which is a refrigerator used to transport fish and meat,” the Directorate said in a press release.”As a result of the length of time inside the truck, they were suffocated, including 8 people, 6 children, one woman and a young man.”

On its Facebook page, the Zuwara Security Directorate posted pictures of the victims who were suffocated as well as the survivors.
the Directorate noted that nearly 90 of migrants had been rescued and were in critical condition and transferred to the Zuwara Maritime Hospital.

“The medical team has provided first aid and rescued several cases that were in a critical condition,” the directorate said, explaining that the migrants were from Arab, African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationalities.

“All of them were taken to a site belonging to the Directorate, where they were provided with urgent meals,” the Directorate added.
“The investigation teams were able to identify the suspects and the search is underway to arrest them.”.



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