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Bread Prices Reach An Unprecedented Level in Ajdabiya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

AJDABIYA – The city of Ajdabiyais witnessed an unprecedented rise in the prices of bread loaf accompanied by the closure of a large number of bakeries, which caused a jam on open bakeries.

During a tour of by The Address reported in Ajdabiya that included a number of shops and bakeries, it was noted that the price of bread reached 500 dirhams per a loaf in shops, while three loaves cost one Dinar in bakeries.

A bakery owner said his bakery had not received their share of subsidized flour for two months, forcing him to close the bakery.
He added that the reason for the rise in prices is that the prices of the main components of the bread rose, noting that the flour, for example, rose from 160 dinars to 220 dinars a Kantar.


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