Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard Left Migrants Dying in Mediterranean

The Address |   Benghazi – Libya

A group of migrants accused the Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard of abandoning three people in the Mediterranean Sea, including a woman and a toddler who died. After 160 migrants from Europe were intercepted near the shores of North Africa.

The organization, “Proactiva Open Arms” ​​a Spanish rescue group, who found, on Tuesday, one woman alive and another one who was dead; in addition to the body of a toddler amid the remains of a ship of illegal migrants destroyed 80 nautical miles from the Libyan coast.

The organization has posted pictures and videos of debris and bodies on its Twitter account, accusing both a commercial ship sailing in international waters and the Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard for failing to help the three migrants.

“It condemns the abandonment of a living person and the dead bodies of a toddler and a woman by the Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard, which is legitimized by Italy” noting that each death was a direct result of that policy.

The Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard announced that it has intercepted a boat carrying 158 people and provided medical and humanitarian aid, but did not mention that they left two women and a toddler on board of the ship and drowned them, because they did not want to ride in the patrol boats.

The new Italian government has pledged to stop the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean and has provided assistance to the GNA to do so.

Human rights activists have sharply criticized the aid, saying migrants returning to Libya face the risk of beatings, abuse, rape and slavery.

On Tuesday, the head of Proactiva Open Arms, Oscar Camps, blamed the Italian government’s involvement with the Tripoli-based Libyan Coast Guard for the deaths of the woman and toddler

“This is the direct consequence of contracting armed militias to make the rest of Europe believe that Libya is a state, a government and a safe country,” Camps said

“Their deaths were the result of not allowing relief groups such as Proactiva to operate in the Mediterranean.” He added





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