Hay Al-Andalus Municipality Calls For Collective Resignation Of The GNA

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Municipal Council of Hay al-Andalus in Tripoli issued a statement explaining their stance about the current protests in Tripoli.

Hay Al-Andalus Municipality said that they can no longer accept the difficult and tragic humanitarian conditions experienced by the citizens of Libya and Tripoli in particular such as the cash liquidity crisis, the rising prices of goods, the lack of services, and the power outages that exceed more than 20 a day in some areas.

In light of the above, the Municipal Council of Hay al-Andalus affirmed the citizens’ right to express their anger and resentment at the poor services and the performance of the official bodies represented in House of Representatives, State Council, and Presidential Council.

The statement of the Municipal Council confirmed its solidarity with the citizens’ demands represented in the following:
– Collective Resignation Of The GNA
– Collective Resignation of the General Electricity Company’s board of directors.
– Continue peaceful sit-in in the fields and squares until the solution of all crises is achieved, especial the power outages issue.
– Call on the United Nations official to take urgent measures to complete the process of parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.

– Calling all municipal councils in Libya, especially Greater Tripoli, to follow the example of Hay al-Andalus Municipality and join the sit-in until official bodies response to the people’s demands.


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