Fathi Al-Majbari Announces: Withdrawal from GNA and Suspension of Presidential Council Membership

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

A member of the presidential council, Fathi al-Majbri, announced his withdrawal from the Government of National Accord (GNA), stressing the suspension of his work in the presidential council because Tripoli is under the control of militias and not an arena for political action.

During a press conference held Wednesday in Benghazi, with the participation of some members of the House of Representatives and a member of the Presidential Council Ali al-Qatrani, al-Majbari said that Tripoli is no longer a platform for political work.

Al-Majbri said that his withdrawal from the GNA was necessary after the militias took control of the decision-making. He called on the patriot members of the Presidential Council to do the same.

He added that the presidential guard was attacked and stripped of his weapons and equipment as the militias attacked his house.

Al-Majbri stressed that armed militias are in control of Tripoli and control the financial resources, noting that they tried to reform the situation, but all attempts failed, and what is happening a play.

“The Interior Ministry is unable to protect the Tripoli football stadium, so how can it protect the people or investigate the attack on the presidential guard and steal its weapons?” Al-Majbri added.

Al-Mujabri refuses to return to Tripoli, saying it is under the control of the militias.

Adding that the militias controlling the capital; were swarming GNA officials’ Offices and trying to pass suspicious deals.


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