The French-Italian Conflict Over Libya is Surfacing With Sharp Statements

The Address | Benghazi – Libya


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte attacked France and its president, Emmanuel Macaron, saying that “Macron would be wrong to think that Libya belongs to him. It is neither his, nor ours, but an independent country with a historical relationship with Italy, and we will never abandon it.”


Conte said on Thursday he opposed holding elections in Libya in December, as agreed between a number of parties of the conflict in Libya, at the Paris conference, which was sponsored by France, and endorsed by the United Nations.


“I told French President Emmanuel Macaron at the G7 summit in Canada in June that our goal is not to organize elections in Libya in December, as Macron wants, but the stability of the country,” he said in a press conference television.


“The relationship with Macron is excellent and friendly, Macron seeks to defend French interests, while I have to protect Italian interests,” he added.



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