Libyan Interim Government (LIG) rejects Egyptian calls for the annexation of “Al-Jaghboub Oasis

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AlBAYDA – The Libyan Interim Government, which emanates from the Libyan House of Representatives, rejected what was reported by local and Egyptian media about the demand of Egyptian lawyers to include the Libyan Jagbub oasis into Egyptian territory.

“The Jagbub is a Libyan and has never been a part of the Egyptian state,” Interior Minister Ibrahim Boushnaf said, as a first Libyan comment on news of the Egyptian judiciary hearing on a lawsuit filed by an Egyptian lawyer at the Egyptian administrative court on the grounds of annexing the city to Egyptian territory.

In a statement published on the official Facebook page of the ministry, Boshnaff added that “under the rule of (Khedive), the Boundry Demarcation Commission called on the Italian occupation to agree on the oasis annexation under the pretext of the disbursement of funds by the Egyptian authority on the oasis. Pointing out that Italy signed an agreement on December 6, 1925 called “Negrito – Zior” provides for the withdrawal of Italy from the oasis of Siwa provided that Egypt stops demanding Gbagbo.

Bushnaf confirmed that the Egyptian parliament, under King Fuad in 1932, endorsed the agreement.

The Jagbub Oasis represents a historical symbol, as it was a Senusian Zawiya (monastery), and it has the University of “Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi”, which is named after the founder of the Senusi movement.

Boushnaf explained, “The Italian occupation state insisted, in 1925, on the need to end the demarcation of the western border, so the Egyptian government commissioned a committee headed by Ismail Sidqi Pasha, and the Italian government sent a committee headed by Marquis Njrito Kambiaz.

He pointed out that the negotiations continued between the two sides until the signing of the agreement Njrito – Zior, issued on 6 December 1925 and approved by the Egyptian parliament in 1932, which provides for the withdrawal of Italy from the Siwa Oasis provided that Egypt stops claiming Jagoub.

Bushnaf stressed that, in this regard, a royal decree was issued of a law under the number 34 of 1932 and signed by King Fouad to enter into force.

The Chamber of Plenipotentiaries at the Administrative Court of the State Council of Egypt postponed the lawsuit demanding the annexation of the Libyan Jagbub Oasis to Egyptian territory. The Egyptian court, on Thursday, postponed the case to September 20th.

It is mentioned that The Egyptian lawyer Ali Ayoub filed a lawsuit on the fifth of December 2017, calling on Libya to include the oasis as an Egyptian land, as he put it.

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