House Of Representatives Abolishes The Status Of “Military Ruler”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TOBRUK – Chancellor Aguila Saleh, President of House of Representatives, issued a decision today to abolish the status of the military ruler”, Fathi al-Marimi spokesperson of the HoR President said today.

The status of “military ruler” was created by a HoR decision during the war between the Libyan National Army (LNA), and ISIS and pro-al-Qaeda militias in Benghazi and Derna. The first to be appointed in this position was Major General Abdulrazek al-Nadoori, who is LNA Chief of Staff as well. He served as “the Military Ruler of Derna-Benjawad” for three years.

The status was created under an anti-terrorism law with the purpose of fighting terrorism. Now after the liberation of Benghazi, Derna, and the Oil Crescent, such status is no longer needed, sources from President of House of Representatives told the Address.


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