GNA: New Terms for Granting Demonstrations Permission

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Ministry of Interior of the GNA affirmed the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully and to express their opinion in accordance with the applicable laws aimed at ensuring the safety of demonstrators and the prevention of any security breaches.

The ministry demanded in its statement that each demonstration should have an organizing committee that provides a written notice to the security directorate within the scope of demonstrations including the date, time, the place and the itinerary of the demonstration as it should be submitted 48 hours before the date of the demonstration. According to the law.

The ministry added that no person may participate in the demonstration carrying a weapon even if authorized to carry it, stressing the need not to prejudice public and private property.

The ministry explained that these measures are aimed primarily at protecting and ensuring the safety of participants in peaceful demonstrations and expressing their views in a safe environment and blocking the way for anyone who wishes to threaten himself, or public safety.

They noted the statement that they will apply all the deterrent penalties provided by the law of the right to demonstrate against all violators without any discrimination.

It is noteworthy that this action from the interior of the GNA comes after the demonstrations in Tripoli on Friday, condemning the electricity crisis and demanding the leaving of the GNA PM, accusing the latter of the collaboration with Italy, according to the chants that echoed during the demonstration.


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