A Lawsuit Filed in Spain Against the Libyan Coast Guard

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

A charity called Proactiva Openarms filed a complaint with the Spanish authorities against a cargo ship for failing to assist migrants who were swept away by a current in a dilapidated boat in the Mediterranean, saying the incident was a “manslaughter”.

According to Reuters, the captain of the humanitarian rescue ship of the Foundation said Saturday that he also plans to file a separate case against rescuers from the Coast Guard in Libya.

The migrant aid ship, Open Arms, landed in Spain, on Saturday, carrying two bodies of a woman and a 4-year-old boy, as well as a survivor rescued from the boat wreckage off the coast of Libya last week.

The charity said the ship took four days to reach the Spanish port of Palma after it found the migrants, who were swept away about 130 kilometers off the coast of Libya after being left behind by the Libyan Coast Guard.

“We have lodged a complaint against the captain of the commercial vessel “Traidas” for not providing assistance and for the wrongful killing, and we will also do so against the captain of the Libyan patrol ship,” Oscar Campes, captain of Open Arms and founder of the charity, said on a news conference.



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