Sudan’s Ground Road with Chad and Libya Reopened

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

KHARTOUM – Sudan’s trade minister is heading to North Darfur to reopen trade points between Sudan, Libya and Chad. Sudan Tribune reported on Saturday that Sudan was preparing to open trade points with Chad and Libya.

The minister stressed that the border between Libya and Chad was safe, and the government would issue a list of goods that can be traded between the three countries in addition to the trade points through which the goods would cross the border.

The newspaper quoted the governor as saying that the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces protect the border with Chad and Libya against the infiltration of armed groups in Darfur and the smuggling of goods and human trafficking.

Last month, a border control and monitoring agreement was signed between Libya, Sudan, Chad and Niger in N’Djamena. The agreement aims at strengthening joint efforts to secure borders, as well as fighting terrorism, illegal immigration, human trafficking and all forms of cross-border crime.


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