Benghazi Black-out Reasons

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The electricity supply returned to most parts of the eastern Libyan region after total blackout due to the exit of the second gas unit in the Western electric generating station to create total darkness on the eastern region with a load of 200MW.

The official spokesman of the General Authority for Electricity and Renewable Energies in the Libyan Interim Government, Rabee Khalifa, said that the exit of this unit was not the cause of total darkness in the eastern region, but caused a difference in the pressure of the main fuel line, which separated the turbine from the network suddenly.

The separation of the turbine resulted in a loss in the stability of the units operating at two power stations north of Benghazi and Al-Zwaitina, which led to their disable and as a result, a total darkness in the eastern region.

He added that the exit of these units required hours to return to work gradually, and indeed units were restored and electricity was back completely in the eastern region.


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