Chancellor Saleh and Le Darian Discussing Paris Meeting Outcomes

The Address | Benghazi, Libya

TOBRUK – On Monday evening at his residence in the city of Tobruk, President of the House of Representatives (HOR), Chancellor Aqila Salih, met with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, accompanied by the French Ambassador to Libya Brigitte curmi.

Spokesman of HOR, Fathi al-Marimi, said Le Drian met with Saleh at the request of President Macaron two months after Paris meeting, which formed a road map and attended by all the Libyan parties with the support of the International Community. This roadmap was later adopted by the United Nations Security Council.

Le Drian stated, “The only solution of the problem of legitimacy in Libya is to hold the December elections, which was confirmed by the Paris agreement on 29 May. This is a very important issue for the Libyan people to regain tranquility and go through the development path, and it is also important for France and Europe because Libya contributes to the security of this region and the security of Europe as well. “


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