Names of martyrs and wounded terrorist attack in Aqeelah

The Address | Benghazi – Libya


A police officer wounded, two soldiers were killed and four others wounded in a terrorist attack on El Agheila police station, 120 km west of Ajdabiya, at dawn today, the official said.

The official said that the victims were Othman al-Zawawi from the security department of Ajdabiya, Abdul Rahim al-Denglawi and Abdulhafiz al-Nili from Ajdabiya operations room.

He added that the wounded were Ali al-Dursi from the operations room of Ajdabiya, soldier Mohammed Muftah Faraj of the 106th infantry battalion, soldier Saleh Fittori of the 166th Infantry Battalion and Abdulrahman Abdullah Jibril, pointing out that the wounded were slightly injured while receiving treatment.

In addition, another wounded member of the armed forces arrived at the Martyr Amhamed al-Maqrif hospital, which is Imragee Yunus Oreibi from Battalion 166.

Brigadier Fawzi al-Mansouri, commander of the Ajdabiya operations room, said earlier on Tuesday that the armed forces had killed 12 terrorists from the force attacking the center.


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