Demonstrations in Tripoli due to living conditions deterioration

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TRIPOLI – The Municipality of Al-Andalus district in Tripoli on Tuesday received permission to demonstrate on Wednesday (July 25th)  in the courtyard of the People’s Hall. After it submitted a request for a permission to demonstrate to the Directorate of Security Tripoli

On Monday, the residents and activists of the municipality of Al-Andalus called for a peaceful protest to demand rights and benefits to the Libyan citizens suffering from poor living conditions and the significant deterioration.

This came after a meeting held yesterday at the headquarters of the municipality included the elders of the region and the wisemen and a number of its population affected by the crises intensified in light of the inability of the authorities to resolve.

The demonstration wants to shed the light on the absence of those responsible for the performance of their duties as indicated and their preoccupation with Political rivalries to share power

In the same context, the municipality of Al-Andalus called on its residents to demonstrate against the crisis and called on the government to leave before the spark of an uprising, as said in a statement read by the mayor


Citizens have to express their anger. Electricity has been cut off, garbage is approaching the homes, and the time has come to bring down the government,” the mayor said.

The statement also called on “all municipalities to go out in demonstrations and sit-ins until the crises resolving and the United Nations work to hold presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible” The mayor added.

  • The document shows the authorization of the demonstrations tomorrow, Wednesday, July 25th.

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