Exclusive Pictures: 13 Terrorists Killed South of Aqeelah, ISIS Founder in Benghazi

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The LNA killed about 13 terrorists after attacking the police station Aqeelah 120 km west of Ajdabiya, early Tuesday, believed to be amongst them; the founder of ISIS in Benghazi, terrorist Mahmoud Barassi.

While multiple sources confirmed the death of “Barassi”; the commander of Ajdabiya operations room Brigadier Fawzi al-Mansouri told the Address that “Barassi was not identified so far.

“It is questionable because there are three terrorists who blew themselves up,” Mansouri said, adding that it would be confirmed after a scan is conducted and photographs are taken to identify them.

He added that the LNA managed to kill 13 terrorists and their bodies will soon arrive at the hospital of the martyr Amhamed al-Maqrif in Ajdabiya.



He stressed that the LNA will crush any force, regardless of whether they belong to terrorist or armed criminal groups, who try to undermine security or military units or intimidate the faithful citizens.

The LNA raided and attacked the terrorist units of on Tuesday, south of Aqeelah, after fleeing the village after their terrorist attack.


The commander of the operations room of Ajdabiya Brigadier Fawzi al-Mansouri had revealed to The Address earlier on Tuesday that the forces of the operations room of Ajdabia besieged the terrorist groups that attacked the gate of Aqeelah, killing 12 people and besieging 3 others in the valley of Jafr south of Aqeelah.


The terrorist Mahmud Barassi is responsible for all the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, according to testimonies given by a number of terrorists arrested by the security services and the LNA during the liberation of Benghazi.

In September 2017, the head of investigations at the Attorney General’s office, Siddiq al-Sour, announced that Mahmoud Barassi was the founder of the ISIS in Benghazi, according to interrogations with terrorist groups.

al-Sour added that Barassi founded the organization in Hawari area where he met with members of the organization at a headquarters they used to call “White House”.

“These governments are renegades, and we look up to Osama bin Laden,” Barassi said in a telephone interview with a Libyan channel in 2013.




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