Terrorists Defeated by LNA

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The Libyan National Army (LNA) Media Office stated that the LNA forces inflicted heavy casualties on terrorist groups after they carried out a terrorist attack on the al-Aqayla Police Station 120 km west of Ajdabiya city.

The Media Office stressed that the LNA forces are ready to strike with an iron fist to defeat any aggression and will pursue terrorists wherever they are until they are eliminated.

The armed forces killed about 13 terrorists after they had attacked the al-Aqayla Police Station on Tuesday.

While identical sources confirmed the killing of the founder of IS in Benghazi, terrorist Mahmoud al-Barasi, by LNA forces, the commander of Ajdabiya Operations Room, Brigadier Fawzi al-Mansouri, told the Address, “al-Barasi has not been identified so far.”

“There are still doubts about his death because there are three terrorists who blew themselves up,” Mansouri said, adding that it would be confirmed after conducting a survey of the dead and taking pictures to identify them.

“The LNA forces killed 13 terrorists south of al-Aqayla after besieging them in Wadi al-Jafr,” Mansouri said.


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