Accused Of Conflict Of Interest, Presidential Council Appoints Nine New Ambassadors Abroad (Photo)

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TRIPOLI – The Tripoli-based Presidential Council headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, decided to appoint nine new ambassadors on Tuesday to a number of countries and international organizations.

The decision appoints the diplomat Hamid Ahmed al-Hadhiri as Libya’s ambassador to France. al-Hadhiri was previously appointed as Fayez al-Sarraj envoy to the French Republic.

The decision also included the appointment of Abdelhafid Abdelhamid Kaddour as an ambassador to the European Union. He was an ambassador of the Gaddafi regime to the Vatican and Italy.

The Presidential Council also appointed the former political adviser to the African Union in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the previous regime, Ayad Mesbah al-Tayari, as an ambassador to Nigeria.

Saadoun Ismail Al-Suwaieh was appointed as Libya’s ambassador to Malta, while Salah Ali Aburekha, the Director of the African Consensus in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Reconciliation, was appointed as an ambassador to Chad.

The Presidential Council appointed Omar Abdel Salam Al-Tarhouni as an ambassador to Italy in Rome, and Mohamed Yunus Almnefi as an ambassador to Greece.

Marai Hamida al-Awami was appointed to the Netherlands, while the former deputy chairman of the General National Congress, Saleh Mohammed al-Makhzoum, was appointed as an ambassador to Senegal. al-Makhzoum is a prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the well-known Islamists who supported the appointment of Fayez al-Sarraj as prime minister during the Libyan Political Agreement negotiations in Morocco in 2015.

Opponents of the Tripoli-based Presidential Council accused Sarraj of bribing Libyan politicians through appointment decisions, while marinizing qualified technocrat politicians from Cyrenaica and Fezzan.


The decision of the Presidential Council to appoint nine new ambassadors to a number of countries and international organizations

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