Zintan tribes: Italian Ambassador visited Zintan secretly without our knowledge

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ZINTAN – The Elders Council of Zintan Tribes issued a statement regarding the reception of the Italian Ambassador by the Municipal Council of the city, stressing that the national dialogue and engagement in fair national reconciliation with all Libyan cities and tribes to heal the rift and support the armed forces is the only way to promote and unite state institutions to ensure the security and stability of Libya .

The statement stressed Sabratha’s statement of not allowing the movements of foreign ambassadors between Libyan tribes and cities as a violation of national sovereignty, pointing out that the visit of the Italian ambassador to the city of Zintan on 2-8-2018, was carried out in secret and without the knowledge of the Elders Council of the Zintan tribes.

The statement of the elders and tribes of  Zintan stressed that they were not part of the visit and that it represented only those were present in their personal capacity, as they alone bear the historical, social and legal responsibility for it.


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