Elders Council Of The Zintan Tribes Denounces The Visit Of Beroni

The elders Council of the Zintan tribes denounced on Sunday the reception of the municipal council to  the Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Beroni, confirming rejection of “the transfer of foreign ambassadors between tribes and cities.”

The council described the transfer of ambassadors as “a violation of national sovereignty,” stressing that they were not aware of the visit of the Italian ambassador to the city.

“The visit of Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Peroni to Zintan on August 2ed took place without the Council’s knowledge,” the council said in a statement.

The statement added that “the Council was not a part during the visit, which represents only those present in their personal capacity, and bear sole responsibility for the historical, social and legal consequences.”

He stressed that he agreed with the statement of Sabratha not to allow the transfer of foreign ambassadors between Libyan tribes and cities as a violation of national sovereignty.


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