Tripoli And Sorman: Protesters Continue To Demonstrate Against Italy

Demonstrators in both Tripoli and Sorman cities have continued their protests against Italian interference in Libyan affairs, which were recently expressed by Italian Ambassador to Libya Giuseppe Beroni on the conduct of the elections, amid an official silence by the Government of National Accord.

On Sunday the demonstrators demanded in front of the People’s Hall (Alshab Hall) in Tripoli, demanding not to postpone the elections, and to stop the Italian intervention in the Libyan issue, where the protesters raised signs to express their rejection of Italian intervention in Libya.
In Sorman, a horsmen protests pictures of the symbol of the Libyan jihad against the Italian colonialist Sheikh Omar al-Mukhtar, condemning Italy’s intervention in Libya and Ambassador Beroni’s statements.

In the meantime, demonstrators raised signs against the Italian intervention in Libya, including “If you come back, we come back”, in reference to the return of Jihad Libyans against the Italian occupation, as the demonstrators raised a banner says “Omar al-Mukhtar …. Libya has been sold to Italy,” and In reference to the Government of National Accord (GNA) Presidential Council.

Demonstrators raised a banner reading “Crushing Italy Fascism … Libya is not your property.”


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