Libyan Diplomat: Italian Ambassador Violated The Rules And Principles Of The Vienna Convention On Diplomatic Relations

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Libya – Abdulsalam Al-Raqi’i, a Libyan diplomat have said the statements made by the Italian ambassador about Libya have violated the international legal rules governing diplomatic relations between countries, particularly the rules and principles contained in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations signed by Italy And Libya.

Al-Raqi’i said: “These abhorrent statements from the Libyan side should have been met by informing the Italian government of the strong resentment of the interference of this ambassador in Libya’s internal affairs in a blatant manner contrary to the provisions of the Vienna Agreement on Diplomatic Relations.”

“Based on this, the Libyan government should urgently inform the Italian government that this ambassador is considered (Persona non Grate ) in accordance with diplomatic terms and therefore he must leave Libyan territory within forty-eight hours at the latest.

“Italy  also free to recall its  ambassador accredited to Italy for consultation, and will not return to his place of work until after Italy makes an official apology to the Libyan government of what has been said by this ambassador of the actions and statements.”


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