General Electricity Corporation complains of “copper thieves”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The General Electricity Company, on its Facebook official page, reported that the 11 KF line of wires at a distance of 600 meters, which feeds the houses located in the area of ​​Qadama (from Qudama station 66) in Al-Asabaa distribution department, south of Tripoli, were robbed last Sunday.

Moreover, some 50,000 to 190 meters of bare and isolated copper wire and 50 electric transformers and wooden poles were also robbed from Gharyan’s distribution department.

During the year 2017, the value of the stolen goods from the distribution department of Gharyan was about 143154 dinars .

The General Electricity Corporation appealed to the concerned parties to intervene to support the company and protect the electrical network to prevent power outages, double costs and material losses.


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