Italian Embassy explains Perrone’s controversial remarks on Libyan elections

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone “never asked for delaying elections in Libya, the Italian Embassy in Libya said in a statement on Thursday.

“Perrone maintained that any decision concerning the date of elections pertains to the Libyans and to the Libyans only,” the Embassy said in the statement published on its Twitter account.

The Italian Embassy statement comes hours after the Libyan House of Representatives declared Giuseppe Perrone persona non-grata. It condemned “in strongest terms” statements made by the Italian Ambassador, in which he demanded that elections be postponed, considering these statements as flagrant interference in Libya’s internal affairs.

Peroni’s comments on the Libyan elections, during a TV interview on Tuesday, were widely condemned by Libya’s political and social circles, which demanded his expulsion.

On Sunday, both Tripoli and Sorman cities witnessed demonstrations condemning Peroni’s statements as a blatant interference in Libyan affairs.

Earlier this week, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that speeding up Libya’s general elections without guarantees of reconciliation between the political parties would not bring stability.


Italian Prime Minister Conte sees no urgency for the Libyan elections




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