Demonstrators in Jumayl: Italian Ambassador must leave Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GEMAYL – In a statement issued at the end of a demonstration, the people of Jumayl called on the Libyan authorities to recall the Italian ambassador and hold him accountable for his statements rejecting the elections, which is considered encroachment on the sovereignty of the state and on the free sovereignty of the Libyan people, stressing that the ambassador must leave Libya immediately without a return.

The demonstrators stressed the need to conduct the elections on time, and, “The Italian ambassador has harassed the Libyan people and this is unacceptable, and therefore we express today our categorical refusal to the interference in Libyan affairs,” as stated.

The demonstrators held pictures of the well-known Libyan leader at the time of the Italian colony, Omar al-Mukhtar, and banners rejecting dividing Libya, considering the elections a Libyan demand, not an Italian or a French one, and they burned Flags of Italy to express their rejection of the intervention of the Italian ambassador in the internal affairs of Libya.


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