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NCUSLR medical team to visit Benghazi and Albayda in September

NCUSLR medical team to visit Benghazi and Albayda in September

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

PHOENIX – Dr. Hani Shennib, a professor of surgery and cardiac catheterization and chest at the University of Arizona, announced that the National Council on US-Libya Relations is sending a medical team to Libya in September.

The NCUSLR medical team will include Dr. Abdulqadir Algazawi, consultant in heart catheterization, and valves and blood vessels, and Dr. Bert Fabisov, a consultant in war injuries surgery, burns, jaw, face, and beauty, in addition to Dr. Shennib.

The team will visit the cities of Benghazi and Albayda in Cyrenaica from September 1st to the 8th to diagnosis and perform catheter operations for free.

Dr. Shennib, on his Facebook fan page today, thanked the Libyan Ministry of Health, the Municipality of Benghazi, Al Hawari Hospital, Benghazi Medical Center and other health facilities for their efforts to facilitate patient review and arrange visits locally.

The NCUSLR is a charitable organization that was incorporated in 2015 in the State of Arizona. It is made of Libyans and Americans with the goal to “strengthen U.S. engagement in Libya for a successful democratic transition. and effective state-building by providing U.S. institutions and policymakers with timely and accurate information on relevant political, cultural, and economic aspects of Libya.” According to the NCUSLR website.


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