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NOC: armed militia blocking fuel access to Western Mountain Region

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli said on Wednesday that armed militia stationed in Al- Azizia area in Tripoli used force to prevent the passage of fuel trucks, which were heading to the region of the Western Mountain.

According to preliminary information received from NOC and Brega Oil Marketing Company regarding the issue, that act was aimed at creating a crisis in the supply of fuel within the repercussions of the media campaign and the allegations and accusations made by Milad Abdullah al-Hajrasi.

“Al-Hajrasi aims to spread confusion and chaos in the Libyan street and tries to convince the public that his presence at the head of the fictitious fuel and gas crisis committee will be the only guarantor for the arrival of fuel and gas to citizens, and that the actions taken by Brega Company to reorganize the work to achieve the arrival of fuel to the citizen without faltering, and the abolition of parallel bodies in the company to eliminate the ongoing smuggling is the reason for fuel non arrival to citizens,” NOC added.

NOC announced that it would submit a communication to the Attorney General, and it is currently studying quick and effective solutions to ensure fuel arrival to the Region.

Board of Directors of NOC denounced this work, which it described as “cowardly”, which places personal interests above the interest of Libyan citizens, as stated.

The Board called on all parties to condemn these despicable acts, which affect the living conditions of the Libyans, especially during this critical period in the country.



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