HoR: no relationship of shooting with Constitutional Referendum Law session

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TUBROK – Media Advisor of the Head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathi Al-Marimi, denied the existence of a relationship between the shooting incident in front of the headquarters of HoR and holding its session for voting on the Constitutional Referendum Law.

“We deny what spread out through media about the presence of armed clashes around the headquarters of the House of Representatives injuring many including MP Saleh Hashim, officer Walid Shaeri and others,” Al-Marimi said.

“what happened specifically was a confusion between members of the Presidential Security, so one of them fired random shots hitting MP Saleh Hashim, on his way to enter the building of HoR, and the officer Walid Shaeri only,” Al-Mariami added.

“The injured had the necessary treatments, and they are in good health conditions. The incident has nothing to do with holding the HoR session for voting on the Constitutional Referendum Law. It did not affect the session, and there was no illegal entry to the hall where it was held,” Al-Marimi said.

“Head of Presidential Security, Brigadier General Rafie Ghaidhan, informed us that investigations were under way and who made that chaos was arrested and would receive the punishment required in accordance with the military law in force, Media Advisor added.

Al-Marimi confirmed that the session ended with consensus regarding the Referendum Law that it is fortified by amending the Constitutional Declaration in the coming sessions of the House of Representatives, especially with regard to article 6 of the Referendum Law.


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