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NOC: an armed group storming Brega Headquarters in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli announced that gunmen of the Central Security in Tripoli entered the headquarters of Brega Company for Oil marketing in the area of Shari’ al-Dhel in Tripoli.

Media Office of NOC indicated that the gunmen demanded to meet with Imad bin Koura, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Company, but after they knew that he was not there, they seized, without legal permission, the keys of the Office of the Chairman of the Management Committee of the company.

NOC described that demeanor as outlaw militia act and asked the Director of the Office of Management Committee Affairs to notify the Chairman of the Management Committee of the company not to enter the office until they check it up.

NOC and Brega Oil Marketing Company have held everyone behind the incident full responsibility for its consequences, especially since the office of the Chairman of the Management Committee contains official seals and documents pertaining to the company and its activities.

NOC added that if the party behind this act is treated as legitimate recognized body, it should respect the legislations and follow the process of state institutions and law.

NOC condemned the act of terrorizing the staff who were performing their duties and transmitted a communication to the Attorney General’s Office immediately upon being informed of the incident.


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