Interim Government preparing lists of LNA wounded soldiers for treatment abroad

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

GERNADA – Prime Minister of the Libyan Interim Government, Abdullah al-Thani, received a letter from the General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter, containing a list of the names of LNA war-wounded soldiers.

Immediately, al-Althani issued instructions to begin the transfer of the wounded soldiers by priority for treatment in the developed countries specialized in the medication of those cases, according to medical checks attached to the names.

The travel date for the first group of the wounded was determined, according to the availability of the necessary travel and visa procedures, on the 17th of August.

The government also contracted with some of the largest centers specialized in the installation of artificial limbs for amputees in Ukraine and Serbia, with providing operational materials for a specialized plant in Benghazi, at the Center of Disability Services – Benghazi of the General Authority of Solidarity Fund.


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