Arrival of fuel to Sabha

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SABHA – About 20 fuel tankers carrying gasoline arrived in Sabha in the south, where the Directorate of Security began distributing them to the stations operating in the city.

The Security Directorate of Sabha on Sunday secured 20 fuel tankers coming from Benghazi, 10 tankers belonging to al-Sharara al-Dhabiya Company and 10 belonging to Libya Oil Company. The securing operation was carried out as required until the tankers reached the headquarters of the Security Directorate of Sebha.

In the same context, the Directorate supervised the distribution of fuel to stations and followed up on the process of providing citizens with it, where there were no violations of public order, as confirmed.

In this regard, Security Directorate of Sabha informed citizens that another fuel cargo would be secured.


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