Shells over the heads of residents in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Security Directorate of Tripoli described on Monday the armed clashes in the outskirts of Tripoli as a “recurrent and futile” scene, stressing that the mechanisms of destruction and death are advancing in the suburbs of Tripoli.

The Directorate said in a statement that there were a number of tanks, guns and other types of weapons south of the city, noting that shells, missiles and lava of fire flying over the heads of the residents and falling on public and private property.

The Directorate denounced the armed clashes and movements described as “suspicious”, stressing that it and all the security and military services would not accept the destabilization and tampering with the capabilities of homeland and taking lives.

“There will not be a winner in this war, and we will all be losers. We have one choice: arbitration of reason and renunciation of strife. There is no return to zero, and we call for an end to clashes and bloodshed,” The Directorate stated.

“This war will only lead to loss of youth and endless destruction,” the Directorate added.

It attributed the reasons of the clashes to sedition, narrow interests, despicable goals, suspicious movements and plots intended only to shed blood and impose the logic of force of arms and to drag the capital to return the manifestations of violence and instability, according to the text of the statement.


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