Misurata Elders Council condemns the aerial bombardment of Tarhuna

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MISURATA – Misurata Elder Council condemned the aerial bombardment of the city of Tarhuna, that resulted in damage to public and private property the city and “put the safety of civilians and its residents into danger.” The Council announced in a press statement today.

The Council of Elders and Misurata called upon the country’s security and judicial institutions to immediately investigate “this blatant attack on civilians, which is contrary to all laws and customs and the provisions of Islam and religion”, and to prosecute all those who contributed to “this heinous act and bring them to justice to receive their punishment.”

The Elders Council assumed the responsibility of the UN-backed Presidential Council to protect civilians and stop the attacks on their lives and property and the beatings of corrupt people who caused the impoverishment of the Libyan people and practiced injustice, looting, and control of the state.

It is noteworthy that the camps of the seventh brigade in the city of Tarhuna was subjected to air bombardment on Wednesday in conjunction with the presence of a military aircraft belonging to the Presidential Council above the city. The Presidential Council denied it was responsible.


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