Shells falling in different parts of Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Several shells fell today morning in different areas of Tripoli, leading to a number of injuries.

Witnesses reported the fall of shells in the vicinity of the Italian Embassy, where one of them hit the fourth floor of Waddan Hotel in the area of Dahra, wounding three of the hotel’s guests. Some shells fell in other areas of Tripoli such as Ben Ashour, Djeraba and Wadi al-Rabeea.

The Tripoli Security Directorate said that, at 5:50 am, two shells hit al-Wadan Hotel, injuring 3 people.

One of the shells fell in Ben Ashour near the Prime Minister’s Office building, causing damage to a building and medical clinics.

The Directorate also pointed to the fall of a shell in al-Qiadi street in the area, and another on the Physiotherapy Center in the region of Farnaj.

Shelling of the area of al-Ghrarat area caused a child to be injured, the Directorate stated.

For its part, the Ministry of Health said that the outcome of the clashes in Tripoli rose to 39 dead and 119 wounded since its outbreak on Sunday until Friday.


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