Tripoli Security Directorate condemns shelling in the city

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Directorate of Security – Tripoli condemned on Saturday firing rockets and missiles at residential areas and vital installations, some of which reached to the headquarters of the Directorate itself, Maitika International Airport and houses of citizens, most recently targeting al-Wadan Hotel and a house in the area of Ben Ashour near the headquarters of the Prime Ministry.

The firing caused panic among residents and suspension of flights for hundreds of passengers, the Directorate said in a statement on Saturday.

Such acts show that out-law groups do not abide by covenant and are far from being disciplined and subordinate to military or legitimate institutions, the Directorate added.

The Directorate reported that it documented all cases of indiscriminate shelling and would do its duty to prove the facts, to identify the perpetrators, prosecute them and bring them to justice.